An information junky…

Why blog?  I originally began a blog as a method to get ideas, thoughts, and activities down in the hopes of myself or others recreating them. I have since discovered the wealth of information available to me on blogs (yes, the invention of the internet seems to counteract what forward progress I may accomplish some days) when I find those who have similar interests and wish to educate others.

Beyond my wildest dreams. My blog would stay classy and classic through years being the go-to place for women of all ages. I feel my content would have to change depending on the changes I go though.

Goals to grow. 

1. Post bi-weekly on rotating topics.

2. Comment bi-weekly on at least 1 new site and 1 current site I am following. I am a consistent reader/follower–more than I write! However I am silent.

3. Incorporate pictures into every post. I need to do more reading on how to go about this, what is most visually appealing to the reader and what am I actually capable of skill-wise?

I feel these goals are realistic for a first time blogger, maybe I even set the bar too low?


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