I’d rather die ignorant than of a chosen demon.

IMG_0919Every morning I sit down with a healthy cup of tea, the news, and the furbabies.  If I should choose to skip my morning sit down with the Queens of fur, they sulk, and I remember how healthy a morning cup of tea is for me and my family.

I love my green, white, and black teas equally but the morning is meant for a green tea.  Lately, however, I discovered a fact that’s sent me back to the research on the health of these teas.

Tea comes in bags or loose in a tin, I have both but my recent favorite is the Tazo green ginger which comes in a bag.  A bag that causes cancer. Yes I have to die of something, but I’d rather die of the unknown than the known. Apparently our world is so developed that we have to have white ahem, bleached, tea bags.  Also, no one wants the paper bags to dissolve in your cup so they put a type of plastic in the paper to make it strong enough to survive not quite boiling water.

That’s two strikes Tazo! Good ole Wikepedia says that the chemical Epichlorohydrin causes stomach problems and is a carcinogen when it comes into contact with water. EEK! I wonder if the same is true of milk? The bleaching causes developmental and hormone problems (there’s my excuse) and can affect a fetus.<—Baby M?

What to do? I could cut the bag and put the tasty tainted leaves in my diffuser. However this internet (MIS)adventure also reminded me that many teas contain pesticides. Oh Jeez!

Like I said, I’m going to die of something, just not today!

Two of the sites I found in my misadventure today. Toxin FreeBleach in your tea


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