Biscuits from Heaven

It started out innocent enough.

I had leftover buttermilk and the sweetheart wanted buttermilk biscuits.  My blueberry Bojangles biscuits we’ve had more than enough times and there’s a ton of venison sausage that needs to be cleaned out of the freezer before deer season. To Google!

Then, I’d really rather not have to roll out biscuits after arm day. The Country Cook: Butter Dip Biscuits.

These were fluffy-extreme and went great with strawberry jam, venison sausage and our backyard eggs! As always I edited the recipe just a tad. It calls for a stick of butter melted.  I melted half and grated the other half into my batter. You have to try them! I’m putting the recipe up just until the next container of buttermilk.