Pink and sparkly, take my money!

I dabble in things from time to time and Calligraphy is one of those things that returns again and again.  I first fell in love with calligraphy in a sixth grade history class, that was also the first time I had a crush on a teacher.  On random whims over the decades I have picked up the occasional pen but until recently I’ve never done the research or taken the time to practice each day. On a trip to Asheville we ventured into an ink store, Origami Owl,  where they did not have THE calligraphy pen/nib I was looking for but they did have a pen that was lower on my list and they had ink in every color -with the better brands (hence our finding the store).

IMG_1082I walked out with the Lamy fountain pen with a 1.9 calligraphy nib and the Shah’s Rose Noodlers Ink–it’s pink, of course! I also have the broad tip that comes with the Lamy pen.  Tis’ simple to change the nib, but not nearly as flexible as I would like.

The hubs found the “bright blue” he was looking for in Visconte.  However I am upset at the Visconte people because their bottle is not glass.  A beautiful bottle like that and you make it out of cheap plastic! At least my Noodler’s is USA glass. Italy is struggling more than we know. Sad Times.

A note to actual calligraphers who may have alternate recommendations: This combination of pen, ink, and nib flows tolerably.


Visconte, plastic bottle