Down the River: A canoe adventure.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”IMG_1097The weather and the water have called to me lately.  We found the river that fed one of our local lakes and discovered plenty of life.  At times our canoe ran aground but it was a rental (-$10.00) and was tough enough for these types of excursions.  Thanks to Google I learned that the items we thought were frog eggs, silly me, were actually bryozoans. We also saw turtles! The little guy above received an invaluable education about humans, selfies, and I warned him about the dreaded hook, ahem “lure”.  We found a fishing pole in a shallow inlet of the lake (+$10.00), it’s a little covered in algae but it still works.  We also discovered a nice lure caught in a tree (+20.00). We did almost steal a guy’s bobber, but we were on a roll! I put it back.  The hubs is still on cloud nine about finding the lure, I’m ready to go again!